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Two movies. Two reviews. Zero tolerance. Let’s get right into it. MINOR SPOILERS ahead.

fast_and_furious_six_ver3All roads lead to this, and this road leads to 5 more sequels.

Well, at least in this instance the trailers were honest. Fast & Furious 6 was exactly what I thought it would be, to the letter. It met my expectations with the precision of a neurosurgeon, the precision of a finely tuned Michael Bay explosion, or the precision of a LeBron James flop. Oh, you want more? Fine.

The problem with Fast Five being so successful is that the filmmakers’ only thought going into 6 was, “We have to go bigger!” This is the least creative, most brainless solution to the What do we do now? quandary, but it’s also the one that sells the most opening-weekend tickets, which is all Universal ultimately cares about. Fact is, bigger is NOT always better. In fact, it rarely is. It simply makes things more complicated.

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Review: THIS IS 40

this is 40 poster

Five years after writer/director/producer/Godfather of Comedy Judd Apatow‘s smash hit Knocked Up comes the self-proclaimed “sort-of sequel” This Is 40, which reconnects us with Paul Rudd & Leslie Mann‘s Knocked Up characters Pete & Debbie several years later as they deal with the struggles of marriage and parenting, especially as it relates to both of them dealing with hitting the big 4-0. Well, mostly it’s Leslie Mann struggling with her age, and coincidentally enough she turned 40 in real life this year, too (MILF alert!). It took a while, but I eventually came around to liking this idea when the project was announced. I like the concept of a spinoff movie in the comedy genre. This is the kind of thing you usually only see in action or comic book franchises. Instead of unnecessary direct sequels, I’d be in favor of more focused sequels like this where we only follow the continuing stories of certain characters, as opposed to typical sequels which try to expand the stories of every major character from the previous movie, which too often results in a giant mess of a story. Maybe this can be like a reverse Avengers, where the team-up movie here is the original, and next we get another spinoff showing where Seth Rogen & Katherine Heigl are now with their kid, then another one with Jonah Hill & Jay Baruchel, something like that. Call it The Knocked Up Saga. Of course I’m kidding, but that would be sort of amusing, would it not?

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The 2012 Biggie Awards

The 23rd Annual Biggie Awards

aka The Biggies

for achievements in film for the year 2011

MMXI (that’s 2011 in Roman numerals, noobs), it was a strange year at the movies. Very strange indeed. For the first few months of the year, I thought it might end up being the worst overall year for the number of quality films in my adult life. Though there were a couple nice surprises early on (The Lincoln Lawyer, The Adjustment Bureau), it wasn’t until April that I finally saw a movie I truly loved (Hanna). After that, we went most of the rest of spring and almost the entire summer without a truly great movie, which instead was an unending string of disappointments and bland sequels. And I mean real bland, bland by even modern Hollywood standards (I mean, even Pixar made a subpar movie this year). That includes almost all of the major summer “tentpoles”. The big Marvel Avengers tie-in comic book flicks (Thor, Captain America) were both okay, but just okay. Then there was Green Lantern, which can only be described as godawful. I’m still having nightmares over the fact that a giant cloud of diarrhea was a villain in a movie that cost more than $250 million. Michael Bay continued crushing the memory of my childhood heroes with another shitty mess of a Transformers movie (Dark of the Moon, which was only 8.2% better than that atrocity Revenge of the Fallen), while Todd Phillips followed up one of the greatest comedies ever made (The Hangover) with an offensively lazy sequel that was almost literally a carbon copy of the first. I wanted more from J.J. Abrams‘ much-hyped Super 8 (hated the creature design, hated the ending), and although I enjoyed X-Men: First Class, it didn’t hold up as well upon a second viewing recently on Blu-ray.

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