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The 2014 Biggie Awards (& The 25 Movies from 2013 That You Should’ve Seen)

The 25th Annual Biggie Awards

aka The Biggies

celebrating achievements in cinema for the year 2013

First off, this is me patting myself on the back for 25 years of recognizing excellence in film. It’s pretty cool to hit a milestone like that. I’ve been doing these awards since I was 17 years old, aka half of my life. I started in 1997 with awards for that year’s amazing roster of movies, but eventually I retroactively went back and did my awards from 1989 forward. Why 1989? Well, basically it was so I could recognize Glory (one of my top 10 favorite movies of all time) as my first Best Picture winner. What other reason do I need? I take this very seriously, and I’m proud of the legacy I’ve been able to build here, even if that legacy exists only in my own mind. Hopefully that pride shows in how much time and care I put into this post every year.

Gatsby - glass raise“Happy 25th anniversary, Old Sport.”
Thanks, Gatsby!

As part of our 25th anniversary celebration, for those interested, here are all of my previous Best Picture winners, with the Oscars’ Best Picture winner that year in parentheses for comparison:

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It took almost 5 months, but I’m finally here with my first full review of a 2013 movie. Yeah, I sorta reviewed Olympus Has Fallen [HERE], but that was mostly so I could make fun of it. Oblivion is worthy of an actual review. It is a semi-thought-provoking (high praise!), beautifully crafted and designed sci-fi film with some cool ideas and a few new twists on some old genre concepts. This is the second film from director Joseph Kosinksi, a former commercials director who made his features debut in 2010 with one of the most overhyped movies of all-time, Tron: Legacy, an interesting looking but ultimately disappointing film. No matter that film’s storytelling flaws, it was abundantly clear that Kosinski has talent and was worthy of getting another shot in the big-budget arena. He shows that again here. It also doesn’t hurt your prospects when Tom Cruise agrees to be your leading man.

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Review: Twilight: Break Dawn – Part I

Yeah, yeah, I went out to a theater (alone) and saw the newest Twilight movie. I purposefully waited until it had been out a couple weekends, and I waited til the last show on a weeknight. This resulted in the best case scenario; me watching the movie alone. No young girls drooling over the male stars. No smartass teenage boys making annoying jokes. No old people wondering aloud what they’d just walked into. Just me and some good ol’ horribly written glittery vampire angst.

First, a brief recap of my history with this franchise. I watched the original Twilight on Netflix long after it came out on DVD just to see what the lunacy was all about, and actually thought it was decent. Then I saw New Moon in theaters, and it was absolutely dreadful. For some reason, this didn’t stop me from seeing Eclipse in theaters, but the third installment was actually decent throughout, and almost qualifies as an actual “good movie”. Though I am glad I also waited to see that one a couple weeks after it came out. I almost went to see it at the opening night midnight show with two lady friends. For my own sanity, I’m glad that didn’t work out.

Even though the trailers for Breaking Dawn have been awful, and made it look like nothing more than a 2-hour episode of Vampire Teen Mom, I felt compelled to stay informed. Why the F not? I’ve seen 3 of these movies, may as well see the last two (or the last one that’s split in two). There have certainly been worse movies in 2011, and though I really don’t wanna do an in-depth review for this movie, I do feel compelled to get a few thoughts out there. Much sarcasm and nitpicking lay ahead, but I will also give credit where credit is due.

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