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I don’t have time (of the desire, really) to do full reviews for each of these recent flicks, but I did want to throw my two cents into the fray. Aside from The Avengers, summer 2012 is off to a fairly slow start, both at the box office and from an overall quality standpoint. Let’s hope Ridley Scott can inject some life into June tomorrow (or tonight if you’re gong to a midnight show!).

I went into The Dictator with semi-high hopes, because the trailers and advertising had been really good. I like the fearlessness of Sacha Baron Cohen‘s comedy, and I thought this kind of character perfectly suited his style. While the movie does have several laugh-out-loud scenes, it doesn’t fully come together in the way that Borat did. Unfortunately, aside from Cohen’s Admiral General Aladeen character, there isn’t a whole lot going on here. Thankfully though, Cohen is in almost every scene, so this doesn’t become a glaring issue. My favorite gag is the scene in the helicopter where Aladeen and his associate are taking a tour of New York, and making the middle-aged white American couple across from them go from friendly to uncomfortable to paranoid to fearing for their lives. I won’t spoil it, but suffice to say he somehow manages to make September 11 humor work, something I can’t imagine more than 1 or 2 other comedians even attempting. There are a few funny recurring bits and some good fish out of water jokes once he’s stuck on his own in New York City. I thought Cohen injected some of his own political views (shocker, he’s a lefty!) with the subtlety of Thor‘s hammer (there are a few painfully obvious Bush/Cheney jokes that weren’t funny 5 years ago, let alone now), but at the same time he uses his character to effectively mock Anna Faris‘ activist, all-natural, terrified-to-offend store manager, so there is some balance. To give you a sense of how far Cohen is willing to take some of the jokes, at the end of the film, when he and Faris are married happily ever after, and it’s revealed she’s pregnant with their first child, he asks her, “Are you having a boy or an abortion?” Needless to say, I laughed. Because fuck political correctness.


Review: Twilight: Break Dawn – Part I

Yeah, yeah, I went out to a theater (alone) and saw the newest Twilight movie. I purposefully waited until it had been out a couple weekends, and I waited til the last show on a weeknight. This resulted in the best case scenario; me watching the movie alone. No young girls drooling over the male stars. No smartass teenage boys making annoying jokes. No old people wondering aloud what they’d just walked into. Just me and some good ol’ horribly written glittery vampire angst.

First, a brief recap of my history with this franchise. I watched the original Twilight on Netflix long after it came out on DVD just to see what the lunacy was all about, and actually thought it was decent. Then I saw New Moon in theaters, and it was absolutely dreadful. For some reason, this didn’t stop me from seeing Eclipse in theaters, but the third installment was actually decent throughout, and almost qualifies as an actual “good movie”. Though I am glad I also waited to see that one a couple weeks after it came out. I almost went to see it at the opening night midnight show with two lady friends. For my own sanity, I’m glad that didn’t work out.

Even though the trailers for Breaking Dawn have been awful, and made it look like nothing more than a 2-hour episode of Vampire Teen Mom, I felt compelled to stay informed. Why the F not? I’ve seen 3 of these movies, may as well see the last two (or the last one that’s split in two). There have certainly been worse movies in 2011, and though I really don’t wanna do an in-depth review for this movie, I do feel compelled to get a few thoughts out there. Much sarcasm and nitpicking lay ahead, but I will also give credit where credit is due.

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