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Dumb Twitter Reactions to the George Zimmerman Verdict

I knew that the instant the George Zimmerman verdict was announced, Twitter would become the most annoying place on Earth. And yet, I couldn’t resist looking and watching people react. I had to. At first, the mass ignorance made me physically angry, but after a few hours, I started pitying the fact that so few people had any clue what the fuck they were talking about when it came to the merits of the case.

The fact is that George Zimmerman, despite not being sent to prison, is still going to live a miserable life for the foreseeable future. He’s virtually unemployable, has no money, will have to fear for his safety at all times in public, and as a result of all these factors, he’ll more than likely have to leave the state of Florida. Among other things.

Sidenote: read an interesting piece about the uncertain future for George Zimmerman.

I’m not going to defend the verdict, although I’ll make my position clear that based on the EVIDENCE and the burden of proof being placed on the prosecution (that’s how it works in America, sorry folks), the verdict was the right one. You can’t convict someone of murder with no eyewitnesses and no proof of intent. It’s that simple. This doesn’t mean I approve of Zimmerman’s actions or support him going forward, but in my view, justice, as spelled out by the law, was served. But that’s not enough for emotional liberals, race pimps like Al Sharpton and the elites in New York and Los Angeles, who presume to know for a fact what happened that night. The only “justice” that matters to these people is someone going to prison for the death of Trayvon Martin.

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Review: THIS IS 40

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Five years after writer/director/producer/Godfather of Comedy Judd Apatow‘s smash hit Knocked Up comes the self-proclaimed “sort-of sequel” This Is 40, which reconnects us with Paul Rudd & Leslie Mann‘s Knocked Up characters Pete & Debbie several years later as they deal with the struggles of marriage and parenting, especially as it relates to both of them dealing with hitting the big 4-0. Well, mostly it’s Leslie Mann struggling with her age, and coincidentally enough she turned 40 in real life this year, too (MILF alert!). It took a while, but I eventually came around to liking this idea when the project was announced. I like the concept of a spinoff movie in the comedy genre. This is the kind of thing you usually only see in action or comic book franchises. Instead of unnecessary direct sequels, I’d be in favor of more focused sequels like this where we only follow the continuing stories of certain characters, as opposed to typical sequels which try to expand the stories of every major character from the previous movie, which too often results in a giant mess of a story. Maybe this can be like a reverse Avengers, where the team-up movie here is the original, and next we get another spinoff showing where Seth Rogen & Katherine Heigl are now with their kid, then another one with Jonah Hill & Jay Baruchel, something like that. Call it The Knocked Up Saga. Of course I’m kidding, but that would be sort of amusing, would it not?

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