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The 2015 Biggie Awards (& My Top 10 and Bottom 5 of 2014)

The 26th Annual Biggie Awards


for achievements in film for the year 2014

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A year like 2014 is precisely why I created my own awards to begin with. It’s a year when the Oscars and I disagreed perhaps more than we ever have. I dutifully watched the Academy Awards this year, as I always do, but I had little to no rooting interest, as almost none of my favorite movies were up in the categories they should’ve been recognized in. Though you’ll find quite a bit of overlap in our acting nominees, I only agree with 3 of the Academy’s 8 Best Picture nominees, and they passed gas on nearly all of their technical categories. What else is new?

I thought 2014 was a good year on the whole, but not great. Maybe a B+ if I were to grade it. The barometer I use in judging an entire year is how many movies I put on my all-time “Movies I Love” list. This year, there were 21 new entrees on that list. There were 22 in 2013 and 25 in 2012. For perspective, the most ever is 31 from 2000. None of 2014’s entries will wind up in my all-time top 100, but that’s a tough list to crack any year.

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SINISTER, or: Remembering Why I Don’t Waste My Time Seeing Horror Movies in Theaters

Prior to last night, November 1, 2012, I hadn’t seen a horror movie in theaters since Cabin in the Woods back in April, and before that, not since the original Paranormal Activity, way back in 2009. I’ve never been a big horror movie fan. There are a lot of horror flicks I’ve enjoyed, but very rarely do I truly love one. On the whole, I find them tedious, boring, repetitive, unoriginal, and completely lacking in the story department. Most of them are barely movies at all. They’re just a series of cheap scares and over-the-top murder scenes, typically featuring 5 or 6 untalented “up and coming” young actors in the lead roles, with one or two minorities thrown in to satisfy a quota (and so that we all know who’s gonna die first). In that sense, they’re more like thrill rides than movies. Perhaps horror movies should play at amusement parks instead of movie theaters.

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