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The Early October Update

Helluuuur! Yeah yeah, it’s been awhile, I know. I haven’t had much to say over the past couple months, so by extension I haven’t had much to share. But I have seen a buttload of good movies of late, and figured it was time for a review dump. I’ve got some recommendations for yo ass, so pay attention.


Gone Girl poster

The 3-year wait between David Fincher films (his last was The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in 2011) has been excruciating, even if we did get two Fincher-directed House of Cards episodes last year on Netflix. But he’s finally back, all is right in the cinematic universe, and of course he has not disappointed with one of the mostly hotly anticipated films of 2014. Why do people like me worship this man’s work so much? It’s not too complicated. When people say the first job of a director is to know what he or she wants, David Fincher is the embodiment of that. If you’ve watched the A+ special features on any of Fincher’s movies, you know what I’m talking about. I have learned so much about the filmmaking process just by watching this man work, and I’m grateful to him for having been so open with his audience. I can’t wait to get Gone Girl on Blu-ray and spend hours poring through the bonus content. He also does some of the best, most informative commentaries you’ll ever listen to. He’s one of the most consistent and talented filmmakers alive, and he hasn’t made a bad movie since his first movie, which was 22 years ago. That’s something worth admiring, methinks.

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10 Directors Who Need a Serious Comeback

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how so many of the people who directed some of my all-time favorite movies are currently MIA or stuck making movies that are beneath their ability. (This is how most of these blogs begin- as random thoughts that I decide might be interesting to expound upon.) When I actually began listing them, I was shocked to learn how many of my favorite directors are no longer relevant or no longer making movies that live up to their former standards. As I got to writing about each individual director, I realized this conundrum has a lot to do with the current state of the studio system in Hollywood- and I’ll get into what I mean by that as we go along. To compile this list, all I really did was go through my megalist of all-time favorite movies (which has 500+ films on it and counting) and look to see who has a serious gap in quality on their recent filmography.

And by the way, before we get started, credit to Robert Zemeckis for making his triumphant return to live-action last year with Flight, or else he’d easily have been at the top of the list. Welcome back, Bob! Keep it up!

Inclusion on the list assumes this writer believes the director still has talent left.

In no particular order:

CinemaCon 2011 - Day 3 “Why am I listening to you when I could be underwater instead?”

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Olympus Has Fallen arrived in theaters as the first of two “White House takeover” movies scheduled for release this year. We’ll talk about the other one in a minute.

This is the second movie in 4 months (after Red Dawn, which I couldn’t be bothered to see, it looked so bad) where North Koreans manage to occupy United States soil in one way or another. If you know anything about the world, particularly about North Korea, this is among the most absurd concepts in the history of cinema. It’s fantasy is what it is; something only possible in an alternate universe. Or, I suppose, in a movie with a really mediocre script. The North Koreans can barely launch a missile, and we have every reason to believe they don’t actually know where the U.S. is on a map. Their primitive navy wouldn’t make it to Hawaii, let alone the U.S. mainland. And I’m pretty sure one F-22 Raptor could destroy the entire North Korean “air force”. Yeah, they have a million-man army, but it appears their sole purpose is to put on elaborate parades doing the high-step for Kim Jong Douche in Pyongyang, which, by the way, is the only city in North Korea that has electricity. Are you catching my drift?

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